Your Vote Is Important, Get Your Voter’s Card

Many citizens have complained about the lack of alternatives in the Nigerian political arena. They argue that the same sect of people has simply crossed carpets across several political parties and several generations; even the political parties are barely distinguishable by ideologies. Though they vehemently detest this and are loud with their calls for a change, over 30 million Nigerians who are eligible to vote do not have voters cards; the first tool for transformation. This combination is a massive paradox, for why should they complain of alternatives when they are not even prepared to vote?

As the largest democracy in Africa, Nigeria’s leadership is elected into power by the electorates. This essentially makes voting critically important.

The condition here is not the absence of alternate representatives running for offices, but that the majority of the electorates are not voting and so they don’t have alternative representatives of theirs. Eventually, the electorates’ votes count, and they determine the leader that comes to power.

However, before one can choose whom to vote for, s/he must have the criteria, which in this case, is the voter's card. Putting the cart before the horse is a recipe for remaining stagnant. Thus, it's not about the presence or absence of an alternative then. It's about not having even the basic means of decision-making in the elections. Simply put, without the first tool, one cannot complain about the result of the system. The order is- register for your voter's card - collect your voter's card - actively participate in electioneering- and finally, cast your vote.


Why una dey complain say eba go strong when una never put water for fire


The issue of not having a voter’s card has limited the masses' right to vote. If the citizens abdicate the utilization of the most important power they have (the right to vote), they must face the aftermath of not voting, which is, accepting their fate as determined by others who have voters' cards and vote.

No voter’s card means, indubitably, no vote. No vote means no alternative. No alternative also means one does not have an active public opinion. A voter’s card is mandatory for whoever is to participate in an election in Nigeria. And to participate in an election, we must, as that is the only way to take charge of our destiny. Unfortunately, many do not have voter’s cards; perhaps they are ambivalent. 

If Nigerians must enjoy the benefits of democracy, there must be the willingness to walk the talk. The electorates must break out of their shells and consciously ask more questions about their representatives and governance. The citizens must be ready to participate in electioneering. It is important you apply for your voters’ card and vote during elections.

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